BetPlus beta app: Bet Plus offers betting sites, bets, betting odds

BetPlus, the beta app of the NFL’s beta academy program, lets players bet on live games by making bets and selecting their favorite team or player.

In addition, the app will allow players to bet on NFL games, including the playoffs, through a variety of mobile and desktop apps.

It’s currently available on Android, iOS, Apple TV and Roku devices, with an option to expand to Windows Phone.

BetPlus will launch in the fall, according to a press release from the NFL.

“The NFL is committed to making betting more accessible and convenient to the fans, players, and businesses in our communities, so BetPlus is a great addition to the NFL beta,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement.

The NFL is one of several major sports leagues that are working to make bettors more aware of the game’s betting landscape and how they can make the most of their bet opportunities.

Betting in sports betting sites has become more prevalent in recent years as the market for NFL betting has grown and as more sports leagues have opened up their betting platforms to bettor’s, allowing more bettormen to make money in the process.

The sportsbooks have also seen a spike in the amount of bets made, with some sites seeing a 25 percent increase in bets on the NFL during the past year alone.

Bet-only sites, such as Betfair, have seen a similar uptick in bets in the past several years, as has the number of bettoles.

For example, the NFL bet on every single NFL game for the past seven years.

However, bet-only sportsbooks are more expensive than bet-based sportsbooks.

Bet365, a bet-focused sportsbook that also offers NFL bettorees, has seen a 36 percent increase over the past two years in bets.

The NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL have all opened up bettory platforms to make the bettorer more aware and more likely to make a good bet, according a 2017 study by research firm Strategy Analytics.

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