Which iOS apps do you think will get a new release in 2018?

Apple has been hard at work on a slew of new features for iOS, but one thing it hasn’t announced yet is a major overhaul of the app store.

While Apple has already unveiled a slew, including a new app store and a new App Store Update that will give users a new, more streamlined experience, the company has yet to announce a major update that will completely overhaul the way developers can distribute their apps.

“A major update for developers is something we haven’t even discussed yet, but it’s a critical priority,” Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook said during a conference call with investors last week.

As we previously reported, Apple will soon be adding a feature called the App Store Reviewer, which will allow developers to review apps and let users pick which ones get promoted to the next level.

The update will also make it easier for developers to integrate their apps into new devices.

Developers will be able to submit new app ideas that will be reviewed by a team of users, and Apple will give the first opportunity to new apps to be added to the store.

The review process will be similar to the review process for Apple Music, which has had a number of big changes over the years, including adding more instruments and adding new artists.

With the release of the new store, developers will also have the opportunity to update their apps to iOS 11 and iOS 12.

The iOS 11 version of the iPad app store has been updated since the last time it was updated, so this will be an easy update for any developer.

Apple is also expected to release an update to the app management system that will make it possible for apps to show up in the Store, with the app manager showing up in your lock screen.

That should make it easy for developers of iOS apps to get the best possible experience from their apps, and help them get new users.

The latest updates to iOS are expected to come next week.

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