Beto menu: Betos menu (iOS & Android)

Betos’ new beta distribution option, Betos Menu, lets you pick up a Betos app from the App Store and sideload it to your phone, tablet, or laptop, giving you the best Betos experience available.

The app, which launched on Android on Wednesday, lets users stream sports events from, and other sources, as well as betos games and games from Betos TV.

Betos is offering the Betos Beta distribution option on iOS and Android as part of the beta distribution program.

The beta is only available for the iPhone version of the app and will only be available to users who purchase a Betas Premium Membership or a Betamax subscription.

The Betos beta distribution also gives Betos access to the Betas beta distribution, which includes Betos’s own games and the Betamix app.

Betes is also offering Betos Premium Membership, which gives users access to Betas games, as long as they are a member of Betos Pro.

If you want to try Betos, you’ll have to wait until the beta is available to buy it.

In the meantime, users can check out the beta here.

For more on Betos and its apps, be sure to read our Betos iOS beta review.

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