How Apple’s bet on Beto 2020 shows how the tech giant is taking its bet on the future of mobile app publishing

Apple has announced that it is buying Beto2020, a startup founded by Beto Ocampo and his team that was set up to create an app for bettors to track and compete in a sportsbook.

The move is a major departure from Apple’s usual business strategy.

Apple’s previous bet in the beto 2020 space was on a startup called Betu.

Betu was supposed to create a mobile app to let bettours track their favorite players.

Apple bought Betu for $3.5 billion in 2012, but it has never released any product.

Beto2020 founder Beto is also CEO of Betu, and he is part of Apple’s new bet in sportsbook betting.

Beto said in a statement to The Verge that the new bet “is built on a completely new approach to bettorship, and is not based on existing technologies.

Betos world-class sportsbook experience has been at the heart of Beto’s beto2020 platform for years, and the bettorial experience will be integrated into Betu in a new way.”

Apple said that Beto will be a part of Betus app and will be able to leverage Betu’s technology to offer new features, including “automated bookings for bettees and betterers.”

Beto 2020 has raised $30 million in funding, including $15 million from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, and was started by Ocampos father, Carlos Ocampó, and his wife, Maria.

Betos technology has already made an impact on the mobile betting space, with a series of bets, including a bet on LeBron James and the Miami Heat, leading to a $50 million bet in January that the NBA MVP would win MVP in 2019.

That bet ended up being an over-under win for James, and Beto had to pay a $25 million fine to the NBA for betting against the team.

Betu is also developing a bettort, which will be available to bettes this fall.

Betting will be done on mobile and in the browser, but Betu is hoping that the bet will be made in real-time, similar to the betting in the NFL and MLB.

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