How to beat Roma – Beto’s Pizza

On a Saturday evening, Beto Martino’s pizza is served on the patio of his home, at a place called Beto, where he lives in a little house on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

The owner is Paulo Beto.

And this is what happens when the former Argentina star, who played for Juventus and Lazio, decides to take a day off.

On that afternoon, the former player and his wife, Cristina, will arrive at Beto to do their shopping.

Their son, Angelo, will be there too.

They’re planning to spend a day at a nearby park and go for a drive around the city, and they’ll have a pizza, pasta and a few other snacks for dinner.

Beto, who turns 73 on Saturday, is a man with a strong personality.

He likes to spend time with his wife and his son.

He also enjoys the games.

On the day we met, the team had scored two goals, including one in the second half against Udinese.

“The first half, I thought I was going to get a kick from the game,” Beto told me.

“But the second, I couldn’t believe it.

The whole atmosphere changed.”

At the time, Beti had just returned from an international call-up to the World Cup squad.

He said that, while the match had not gone his way, the atmosphere at the stadium was very special.

“It was very loud,” he said.

“It was like a football match, in terms of the atmosphere.

It was very intense, very noisy.

Everyone was shouting, ‘Go, go, go!’

And the players were shouting, too.

It’s not a normal match.

But the second we scored, it just disappeared. “

I thought it was a great game.

But the second we scored, it just disappeared.

And I was so angry that I just said to my son, ‘OK, we’ve lost.'”

I was furious.

But I don’t regret anything.

He’s a great kid.

He was in a good mood, and we didn’t do anything to upset him.

And, of course, it was the best thing for me, and for my son.

And that’s what you need in life.

“The game in question, the 1-1 draw against Udine, was a 1-0 win for Roma, and Beto had scored three goals.

“And it was so close, so we were happy.””

We had a good game,” he told me afterwards.

“And it was so close, so we were happy.”

Beto also had another goal in mind when he got back to the field, a header that was scored by Antonio Rudiger.

He scored a consolation goal for the first time, after he had scored the winner in the 2-0 victory over the Cagliari.

“I wanted to score a consolation,” he explained.

“The crowd was cheering.

But it was just a consolation.

I don, too, want to score.”

And it seemed as if it might be just the beginning of a fruitful partnership between the two.

After the match, the manager, Marco Melandri, told me that he was happy to have Beto back with the squad.

“He’s a good player, he’s a top player.

He has great qualities.

I think he’s an important player in this team,” he added.

But when I asked Beto about the future of the club, he was not very optimistic.

“Of course, we have some new players who are ready for the new season, but I’m not sure what will happen,” he admitted.

“Maybe I’ll get a new contract.

Maybe I’ll not play, or perhaps I’ll retire.

But we’ll see.”

As it turned out, the next two years will be the most difficult for Beto and the Roma squad.

As the transfer window opens, it’s not clear whether he’ll be playing or not, but Beto said that he’d be back, “but I’ll be happy to play”.

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