Google has no plans to open up its betting platform for online betting

Google is still considering what to do about online sports bets, a company spokesperson told Recode.

“The company is working through the process of looking at all of its current sports bookings and options, including our own, and is actively exploring options,” a spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

It’s unclear if Google is looking to expand its sports book for betting, or is just looking to find ways to provide a better experience for customers.

The company’s betting platform has been around for more than two years, but was recently overhauled to add the ability to set a daily or weekly betting limit.

The new feature, which will be available starting January 4, was designed to provide the most reliable and convenient betting experience available.

The latest update also added the ability for users to bet on the next day’s NBA playoff game, which was first announced in January.

Google has also said that the company will continue to invest in its sports betting ecosystem, adding that it plans to add “more sports betting products to our products over time.”

For more, read Recode’s full report.

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