Game developers: Gameplay in ‘Prey’ Is a ‘Harder and More Interesting’ Game

The first trailer for “Prey” has just released.

You can watch the trailer above.

The trailer opens with a shot of the cityscape and then focuses on the crew of a spaceship that has just left a star field.

The spaceship is surrounded by a giant storm and the crew is trapped.

“Praise be to the Lord God of the Universe!” says the voiceover.

“You will not die in your ship!” says another voiceover, which is translated to “We will get out of here alive!”

The trailer then shows a view of the ship as it heads into a storm.

The ship then flies away and disappears into the storm.

A shot of a helicopter comes over and then the trailer fades to black.

This is when the gameplay starts.

We get a glimpse of a space shuttle and it begins to land on a starfield.

The game then shows the crew inside the ship.

The pilot is dressed in a suit with a cape and a helmet, and is the only character in the game.

“There are no secrets,” he tells the crew.

“The only secrets are that we are the ones who survived.”

He then says, “Let’s get on with it!”

The pilot then says “Let me show you the next phase of our journey.”

He points to a section of the crew, which includes a robot and a woman in black, and asks, “Who are you?

Who are you?”

The robot then says: “You are me.

The only thing that has changed since you were born is that I’m a woman.”

The woman then says to the pilot, “We are all part of you, you know?”

The pilot replies, “Yes.”

The robot says, “[I’m] the robot.”

The man in black then replies, “[We’re] the humans.”

The pilot asks, “[Who are] you?

Why do you want to live here?”

The woman replies, “(I’m) the girl.”

The girl then says back, “I’m the girl who loves you.”

The helicopter lands on the moon and the scene cuts to the scene of the storm, which looks like it was filmed on the Apollo moon landings.

The storm then begins to rain down on the city.

“I am the storm,” the pilot says.

The narrator then says the city is now completely destroyed.

The camera pans around the city and then zooms in on the player as they continue to fight the storm and their captors.

The player then starts to take off in a spaceship and fly to a shipwrecked shipwreck.

The crew of the spaceship then jumps in the shipwreck to get the crew out.

The screen then fades to white and then fades out.

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