Shure Beta 58a: Shure’s latest bet has a $5,000 bonus

Shure, the company behind the Shure sound bar, is showing its latest bet on Super Bowl bettors.

The bet includes a $3,500 bonus, a $1,000 credit on the first $2,000 bet and a $2 bonus on the last $2 million bet.

Shure also will pay a $50,000 commission on the $3 million bet, which is up from $40,000 previously.

The bet was created by Shure to pay for Shure equipment and services.

Shure, which was founded in 2006, is a major player in the premium sound bar market.

The company has been making high-end sound bars for over two decades.

It’s now the fifth largest manufacturer of sound bars, according to a 2014 report by the Audio Products Association.

Shurings latest bet is a good one, said Chris Cavanaugh, chief marketing officer at SoundBar, which makes sound bars.

It was one of the best bets I’ve seen in the last two months, he said.

I think they’re showing they’re going to do a good job on the bet, but at the same time they’re doing a good bet.

Shures newest bet is part of a larger bet to get consumers to try out the new sound bar.

Shurings new sound bars cost about $300.

Shuren will also be offering the $50 million bet through Shure.

The new bet was not a huge surprise to some of the bettor, who said the company is known for offering a large bonus.

I don’t expect it to be the $5 million, said David O’Neal, a Dallas resident who was among those who bet the bet.

It’s really interesting, I think that’s going to help them get more people to bet, he added.

The more people that get involved, the better it is for Shurals stock.

ShURES new bet is available to anyone who wants to bet on Shures latest product.

Shures latest bet also includes a credit on any bet that’s made on the Super Bowl on the company’s website.

Shusea also is showing off the new Shure Alpha 2 sound bar that is coming soon.

The Alpha 2 is Shure Audio’s newest sound bar with a higher-quality design and a higher volume.

Shusea is showing the Alpha 2 at a live event and has more than 1,000 people lined up to try it out.

I think Shure has a really great product that people want, said Robert Jorgensen, who is the president of Soundbar.

I’m really excited for Shures bet, especially for Shuren.

It really does feel like Shure is stepping into the sound bar space and really stepping up to the challenge.

Shuren is also offering a new Shuren Beta sound bar for bettoring.

It looks like they’re continuing to build the sound market, which has a lot of great products, said Cavanaugh.

I’d bet on them again, he continued.

They’re very good bets, and hopefully more people get into the game.

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