I’m still not convinced Trump is ‘a fraud’

President-elect Donald Trump is being held to a standard he has rarely achieved in office.

It’s the same standard that he’s set for his business empire and his presidency.

His administration is now being scrutinised by investigators looking into whether his companies and business dealings have violated the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which prohibits the US government from taking gifts from foreign governments or businesses.

The Trump administration has been scrutinised for months over allegations that he and his associates colluded with foreign governments and companies to gain lucrative business opportunities in Russia and Ukraine.

As the Trump administration is being scrutinized, Trump is in the middle of a speech at a campaign rally in Florida, where he is expected to offer more detail on the new administration’s agenda.

The President-Elect has been criticized for not having any major policy accomplishments in his first 100 days, and for having an “unprecedented” workload.

“The truth is that the President-Donald Trump administration had an unprecedented workload, and he has been doing this without any significant accomplishments.

He has made decisions that have cost the United States jobs, destroyed jobs, and harmed our economy.

The President-Trump administration has taken steps to undermine the credibility of our legal system, and they are not following the law, and that is a big problem for the American people,” Trump said.

Trump’s office has refused to say how many employees the Trump Organization has, and what their compensation is.

The company said on Monday that it is not disclosing its employees because it does not want to give the Trump Administration any information that could compromise the integrity of the President’s presidency.

Trump’s decision to cancel his planned rally in Melbourne, Florida, has prompted the President to release a statement in which he said he “takes this matter seriously” and is committed to making his administration “the best it can be”.

Trump is expected in Florida on Wednesday for a rally that is expected at the Melbourne International Airport.

ABC News’ Danica Roem contributed to this report.

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