Betting sites are losing a big chunk of their business to bots and malware

The biggest betting sites are getting more and more popular, according to data compiled by the betting site Betsy.

In 2017, Betsy estimates that more than 80% of its users were from outside the United States.

But the betting sites have seen a steep decline in the past year, and a huge amount of their revenue is now coming from bots.

The bots are getting so bad that the sites have started to shut down, leaving users to choose between two options: stay up and shut down.

Betsy said that it has now seen more than 1.6 billion bets made by bots over the past three months, a decline of more than 50% compared to the same period last year.

But Betsy said the bots are still able to profit at Betsy’s sites, which include betting on everything from sports to sports betting.

The bot activity is increasing in the US, Europe, Japan, China, Russia and South Korea, Betsey said.

For example, Betting site reported a $4.2 million revenue loss in 2018.

Betting is a relatively young industry and there is little regulation around betting on sports, according the Betsey report.

The websites are not required to be compliant with federal or state regulations on betting and are often operated without state-level oversight, which means they are more susceptible to cyber attacks.

Betting site, which was acquired by Betsy in 2016, said that in 2018, the number of bet sites surpassed its user base, but still only served about 3% of the site’s user base.

The site is currently down for maintenance.

The website said it will soon be able to start offering betting in the UK.

Betsey said that most of the bots it tracks have been using Betsy-branded sites, such as and

However, Betty said that some of the bot-generated bets are actually made by users of other betting sites.

For example, one of Betsy’s bots posted a bet on the presidential election on Nov. 6 that was placed in March.

Betty said the bot accounts were paid by users who purchased the product and were able to earn a commission on the bet.

“A lot of these bots are bots,” Betsey told The Hill.

“They use the same IP address to do these bets.

But they are actually Betsy bots.

They use Betsy technology to do it, which is great for Betsy.”

For instance, BettsaBot, which operates Betsybook, was able to gain $1.1 million on the bets made using its API.

Betty’s CEO, James Henson, told The Associated Press that the company is not concerned about the bots, since Betsy has built in a “smart” system that keeps the site running.

“Betty is focused on protecting its users and is not afraid to share its bot-specific technology to prevent bots from stealing from our platform,” he said in a statement.

Bettsabot is also one of the most popular Betsy sites, according Betsey, with nearly 40 million bets made.

The company did not have a specific number for the number who were bots, but Betsy did say that most Betsy users were bots.

In a statement, BettaBot said that Betty did not create BetsyBot.

“BettaBot is a third-party product that was created by Betsey.

BettsApi is not a Betsy product, but a third party provider of BettsBot functionality.

Betta’s bots do not directly interact with Betts Api, and users are not able to purchase Betts Bots or BettsBots directly from Betts.” was founded in 2008 and has more than 30 million bets, and is used by Betts betters, who are mostly from the US.

The platform said it was established to “help customers make the best bet on any sports event, any time, anywhere,” according to the statement.

The Betts website has been shut down several times, according Toews.

Bette’s CEO said in the statement that the platform is currently working on an update to improve Betts bots, and will be available “soon.”

The Associated Press reported that Betsy is shutting down its U.S. branch because of bot activity, but said the company plans to reopen its site in the next few weeks.

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