What are you betting on for the NFL playoffs?

BetOnline is offering to put you on a line to bet on the NFL’s playoff games.

The website is partnering with CBS Sports to stream the games on the CBS network, CBSSports.com, the CBS Sports app and the CBS app for Android devices.

BetOnline says it will start offering a live game bet on Wednesday at 6 p.m.

ET and will be open for up to 15 games per day.

Betonline says it has more than 100 sportsbooks participating in the bet, which is subject to change depending on how many bets it gets.

“Our goal with BetOnline has always been to make it easy for anyone to bet at any point in time,” said James Johnson, CEO of BetOnline.

“We hope that this new partnership with CBS will allow for more people to get the chance to win big on the field.”

BetOnline will also allow users to bet directly on the games through the BetOnline app, which allows them to enter a credit card number and then enter a total value.

Bet on every game.

The company also offers a tool to make a free bet on every NFL game.

BetOn.com is a new sportsbook offering that allows users to place bets on all 30 NFL games, according to the company.

Bet On.com says it wants to help customers find the best odds to bet in every game on the slate of 32 playoff games and its site offers a “prediction tool” for users to help them get a better shot at winning.

Beton.com will allow users enter a bet amount, bet frequency and how often they want to bet.

Betona is a different kind of betting website that lets users bet on any NFL game with no minimum amount.

Users can choose to place multiple bets for as many as six games.

Betano says its site allows users “to put up to $100,000 in total bets per month, and it allows users a range of bet sizes and spreads.”

The company says it’s working with CBS to stream games live and will continue to add to the games in the coming weeks.

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