How esports bet has changed in five years

As esports betting has become a global phenomenon, the industry has seen some changes.

Betting has expanded into new territories.

It has evolved into an online platform, where it is easy to create a platform for people to bet on sports events.

And betting has grown to the point where the market for sports betting is larger than the entire global sports betting market, according to the bookmakers’ annual sports book market survey, which was conducted in 2017.

The market for esports betting is growing, but it’s still not a large one.

The biggest player in the market is the sports betting industry itself.

It is worth noting that in 2017, esports betting was a $12 billion market.

This year, it was $42 billion, according the bookies.

There are some big differences.

For one, there are only three sports in the United States that are considered esports: football, basketball and hockey.

The bookies believe that there are more sports betting opportunities than there are people.

The other big difference is that the industry is growing at a slower pace than traditional sports betting.

It also has a higher level of regulation.

The US sports betting regulator, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Commission, has been looking into the possibility of esports betting since 2017.

It recently published a report on the subject that says the commission’s preliminary findings show that esports betting “is not likely to be harmful to the sport”.

The commission also says that the potential harm posed by esports betting to the sporting and professional leagues and sports organizations that participate in esports competitions “is relatively small”.

The regulators’ findings also highlight that esports gambling has the potential to benefit sports betting as a whole, because it has the added benefit of having an international audience, and because esports betting provides the chance to participate in the game that many people enjoy playing.

This is where the bookie industry comes in.

The industry’s focus on esports betting and the fact that it has grown faster than traditional esports betting means that there is a big opportunity for bookies to make a profit.

According to the latest sports book bookmakers estimates, esports bet is expected to generate a profit of about $3 billion in 2018.

This growth will be driven by the increased volume of bets, the increased number of participants, the increasing number of users, and the increased popularity of the sport in the esports betting market.

What do you think about the rise of esports bet?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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