‘We can’t get enough’: ‘We’re going to fight’: CNN anchors discuss ‘Trump 2020’

CNN’s Brian Stelter and Fareed Zakaria discuss the latest in news and commentary from around the world on “We Can’t Get Enough,” a new cable network launching Thursday night.

Stelters first question to Zakaria: “Do you feel that you have a right to do that?”

Zakaria responded, “I’m not saying that.”

Zakaria then pressed, “Do I feel like I have a duty to be doing this?”

Stelts reaction: “I do, because you’re not going to make America great if you don’t fight back against the things that are destroying it.

And you have to be a leader.

And the reason why you have got to be leaders is because you are part of the solution.

You’re part of it.”

Steltery: “We can not just get this nation back together.

We’re going in with a lot of hope.

And we can’t do it without a lot more fighting.

We can’t have a system that is rigged against the middle class.

We’ve got to fix it.

We need to take our country back from the top.”

Zakararia: …

The middle class has been a very important part of America for a very long time.

Stels response: “Well, yeah, but the reason is, it’s been rigged against a very small portion of it.

I mean, the wealth gap has gone up.

The gap between the top and the bottom, it has gone down.”

Zakarian: “But that’s not a solution to the problems that we face.

It’s a symptom of the problem.”

Stels reaction: Zakaria, in fact, is right.

But the way to fix the problem is to address the underlying cause, which is not the wealth or income inequality, but inequality in our political system.

Zakaria ended the segment with a promise to do something about it: “The first thing I’m going to do is to be the most aggressive person on this issue that I possibly can be to fight for the people who are struggling the most.”

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on ‘We Can Only Get This Nation Back Together’ CNN’s “We Need to Talk About…” on Wednesday night.

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