Betting companies are spending billions on ‘best bets’

LONDON (AP) Bets are being made on the winners and losers of the U.K.’s Brexit referendum, with many betting the pound will be weakened and the country will be forced to exit the EU.

The pound plunged against the dollar, trading at its lowest level since the U to the dollar.

The dollar rose against a basket of currencies, with gold rising as investors bet the U, once the dominant reserve currency, will weaken.

The pound also rose against the euro, as investors expect Brexit will weaken the U’s role as the main international currency.

Betting companies, which charge fees to bet on events such as Brexit and the election, are spending $8 billion on the best bets, according to research firm Ladbrokes.

Some analysts say they have not yet made their best bets.

Some are betting that the UK’s referendum will result in a hard Brexit, which would lead to a hard border with the EU, and the U leaving the EU without a deal, which could lead to trade war with the U and other EU members.

Some of these bettors are also betting on an economic shock to Britain.

Brexit: A guide to the key issues Brexit: A summary of the arguments for and against Brexit: What is happening now?

Brexit: Key issues from the campaign The best bets include: Britain leaving the European Union with no deal in place.

Bet on Brexit to be hard Brexit: The impact of a hard exit on the economy.

Brexit: How much would Britain lose?

Bet on Brexit for a more than 4% devaluation.

Bet on a hard and protracted exit.

Brexit on the cards: What Brexit would mean for the economy, the environment and public finances.

Bet the pound on Brexit falling to around $1.10 to $1, and a trade war.

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