A ‘porn-star porn’ star turned pro-Trump, a porn star who hates ‘pro-segregation’

A porn star turned a pro-Donald Trump activist, a pro, a real estate developer turned a real-estate developer turned an activist, and a former reality-TV star turned one of the most popular voices in the Trump movement into a porn-star-turned-politician.

“Trump is a very powerful personality,” said David DeJesus, 34, who worked with Trump in the 1990s on a Trump-backed venture that would later be sold for $2.7 billion to an investment group led by a New York developer and casino mogul.

DeJesus became a porn actor and then worked for Trump, helping him secure the Republican nomination in the 2016 election and helping him win the presidency in 2020.

Now a “porn star” with a porn show on her show “I’m Yours,” DeJesus said her politics are “not that different” from her Trump years.

“I feel very much like a Donald Trump voter, but with my porn career, I’ve also been a Trump supporter.

And the Trump voter in me is just as powerful as the Trump supporter in me,” DeJesias said.

“But the difference is that I have the guts to tell the truth.

That’s what I’ve always been about.”

The Hollywood life of David DeJesia is as complicated as it is rich.

The father of two was born in the Bronx in 1972, the son of an Army infantryman who joined the U.S. Marine Corps and then went on to serve in Vietnam.

He was sent to the Navy for a short stint before returning to the U: He got married and had a son, John.

He then moved back to the Bronx, to Queens, where his mother lived with her husband.

He had a daughter and two sons.

But in his 20s, he began having marital problems and was homeless.

“It’s not just the kids.

I had to go to the emergency room,” he said.

DeJesios wife was working as a prostitute, and the marriage was over in 1996.

He moved in with his mother, who was in New York at the time.

In 2000, he became a successful real estate broker, selling luxury condos to buyers and renters in the affluent parts of Queens.

In 2006, he bought the porn-centric “The Hustler” reality show, which featured stars like Kim Kardashian and Nikki Reed.

“They wanted to make money.

I told them I don’t do porn, so they couldn’t make money on my show,” he told The Daily Beast.

In 2007, he signed on to the “My Wife” reality series, which brought his profile and the fame that came with it to the spotlight.

De Jesias then became a regular guest on reality-tv shows like “Busty Bitch,” “Slim Shady,” “Girlfriends Table,” “The Real Housewives of New York,” and “The Biggest Loser.”

The series “got my name out there,” he explained.

De Jesus, whose real name is David Anthony DeJesus and whose real last name is DeJesus Jr., was born on Aug. 15, 1971, in the city of Brownsville, Texas, the youngest of four children.

“My mother was the first woman to graduate from college in the United States.

She had a doctorate in sociology,” De Jesus said.

He attended a small school in Brownsville and eventually went to New York University, graduating in 1984.

“At that point I realized that my real life was a lot more interesting than my school life,” he recalled.

“In college, I got into a real, big fight with a guy named Bill Gates.

I was a student of economics.

He said, ‘You’re not going to make it.

You’re not smart enough to do this.

You don’t have enough work ethic.'”

DeJesus decided to pursue a career in real estate, and, in 1993, became a broker for a Texas-based company called Trumps Real Estate.

He started working at Trumps and then the company in 1998, working on projects with the president of the company.

“That was when I really got into real estate,” De Jesia said.

His work with Trump on the “I Hate” reality-show helped launch the real-life Trumps real-name business, which quickly sold condos in Queens.

The “Real Housewives” show became a hit and DeJesius was promoted to be a reality-television host, but he left in 2008 after an altercation with his boss.

In 2009, DeJesus went back to real estate and was promoted again to vice president of Trumps, a role that included being in charge of the president’s personal property.

“The first real estate deal I ever made was a deal with Donald Trump,” he remembered.

“We sold condos, apartments, and houses for $3.5 million.

It was a great investment. We had

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