Which candidate is the best bet to lead Canada?

With a new Liberal government poised to take office on Jan. 1, many Canadians are wondering which candidate they would prefer to lead.

And they’re not just looking for a new leader to be a part of the next government.

They’re looking for one to lead the country for the foreseeable future.

In a bid to help fill that void, here are five candidates vying to succeed Stephen Harper as prime minister.1.

Elizabeth May 2.

The Liberals are hoping that, with the election looming, May can win the leadership of the Liberals, a position that has held for the past eight years.

May, 54, is the first female leader of a major Canadian political party and the first woman to lead an opposition party in Canada.

She is the only female prime minister and has been dubbed a leader of the future.

May’s team is also making moves to ensure that the party can hold onto power after the next election.

For example, they’re moving the party’s headquarters from Vancouver to Montreal and moving MPs to the ridings where the party is strongest.

May has said she wants the party to be focused on the economy and jobs.

May won the leadership in 2015, and in February she became the first leader of her party to win a national election.

The Liberal Party of Canada is currently leading in the polls and has the support of a majority of Canadians.3.

Brian Mulroney4.


The former prime minister of Canada who is the son of former prime ministers Brian Mulholland and Pierre Elliott Trudeau is a favourite among voters.

He’s not just popular among the youth of Canada, but also among the middle-aged.

Mulholls approval rating is around 30 per cent and has not budged since the election.

Mulroy has said he will seek re-election and will run as a third-party candidate, although he has not said if he plans to do so.

Mulraways support is not overwhelming, however.

Mulroys approval rating hovers around 25 per cent.5.

Elizabeth-Margaret Talleyrand6.


The daughter of former premier Talley, Elizabeth-Marie TalleyRandall Talley-Randall is the daughter of a former premier, and her father’s reputation for fairness and integrity is well known.

The current Liberal leader is not exactly known for being a leader who likes to take risks.

However, her personal brand has been built on her tough approach and her ability to build consensus.

In fact, she is credited with introducing a bill to make it easier for students to transfer to university and helping the Liberal Party reach out to minority communities.

Her popularity among voters is also strong, as she has been the subject of a lot of criticism over the past two years.

She has faced numerous attacks from critics over the last couple of years.7.

Paul Martin8.


The leader of one of the two major political parties, the other being the Green Party, Martin is a charismatic figure who has proven to be popular among voters of all ages.

Martin is also a former cabinet minister and a former leader of Newfoundland and Labrador.

His party is popular in Quebec, but his popularity has also been on the decline.

In recent years, Martin has become increasingly popular among younger Canadians and he has also managed to gain some support from some of the more left-leaning voters.

While the Green and Liberal parties have been linked together by the federal election, it’s Martin who is widely seen as the leader of Canada.9.

Peter MacKay10.


The longest serving prime minister in Canadian history, MacKay was a Liberal and has led Canada into two major wars, the Cold War and the Global War on Terrorism.

His policies were popular with Canadians, and the Liberal leader’s popularity is on the rise.

MacKays approval rating stands around 27 per cent, and he is expected to continue to see strong support from Canadians over the next few years.11.

Paul Calandra12.


The first Conservative leader elected to Parliament in the early 1970s, Calandra was a former member of the Conservative party.

His popularity among Canadians has been on a steady decline since the 1980s, as well as among the younger generations.

Calaras approval rating has dropped to below 20 per cent in recent years.

He is seen as one of Canada’s most popular politicians.13.

Brian Pallister14.


The second most senior Conservative in the House of Commons, Pallister has been in power for five years.

His tenure has been marked by a number of controversies, including the resignation of Prime Minister Stephen Harper in April 2019, and an ongoing investigation into allegations of corruption in his private practice.

Palliers approval rating fell to just over 20 per to 30 per, as his popularity dipped below 20 percent.15.

Kevin O’Leary16.


The son of the late Michael O’Laughlan, O’learys has enjoyed considerable popularity among the young. OLeary is

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