What is a beta? Here’s how to find one

The Times Of India has launched a beta version of its new app BetaBrand, which is meant to help the country’s biggest tech companies find startups that are worth investing in.

The app, launched on Friday, will help startup founders, investors and business owners in India find investors and other investors that they can invest in their startups.

It will also allow them to share their experiences, pitch their ideas, get feedback on their projects and so on, and find potential partners for their business.

The beta app will allow people to share, vote and rate startups on a 1-5 scale and will also let them share feedback on the apps progress.

It is an important step towards making India a hub of the global digital economy.

BetaBrand will allow users to search through their data and see which startups are in the beta, as well as see which of them are most likely to be worth investing, and which ones might struggle to make money.

In the past, startups with high rankings in the App Store have received large funding from venture capitalists and large corporations, and were able to get investments from top investors such as Alibaba, Uber and Facebook.

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